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"Improvising boosts the development of musical abilities"

Creative Music Education is a piano teaching program for children, based on learning to improvise.


The courses can be taught alone or in addition to another method.


Learning to improvise satisfies the natural need to create and thus boosts the development of fundamental musical abilities.

Educational materials are accessed online.

Teachers benefit from teaching guides and training adapted to their situation.

Learn effortlessly

  • The goals are achievable.

  • The program is made up of progressive pieces and complementary creative activities.

  • There is a variety of musical styles and atmospheres.

  • The material is designed for lively practice-based teaching.

Your tablet, computer or smartphone becomes an interactive course book ...

Boy Reading Tablet

Up to date
educational support


  • When you open a piece, you will find scores, advice, audio and video resources, laid out much like an app.

  • By placing a tablet on the music stand of the piano, the student can study the course with a real interactive score.

  • In addition to the practical aspects of online learning, using current technology matches this generation's expectations of tools and support.


Creative Music Education

for many advantages...

Les professeurs se forment à le méthode creative music education
  • Energise your lessons with the teaching of improvisation.

  • Sign up for a fresh teaching approach. ​​

  • Benefit from educational advice and training.

  • Be part of a community of teachers, discuss and share your experiences.

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