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  • The teacher must provide proof of sufficient musical experience and must participate in initial training. The training will guide the teacher as to how to make the best use of the educational materials offered by Creative Music Education.

  • Creative Music Education also offers optional additional training tailored to the needs and experience of teachers.

  • A partnership contract is established between the teacher/school and Creative Music Education allowing students to access online resources.

  • Certified teachers benefit from free access to courses and also access to additional teaching resources, for example, accompanying scores and exercises dedicated to ear development.


Initial training

4 hours / Mandatory

  • Teaching objectives and curriculum

  • Use of media

New teachers

12 hours / Optional

  • Teaching techniques and procedures

  • Planning

  • Teaching details


8 hours / Optional

  • Concept of improvisation in CME

  • Accompaniment

  • Developing the ear

  • Mandatory online training is free.

  • Training is organised in the form of an interactive videoconference.

  • It takes place in the morning or evening, with sessions lasting 1 to 2 hours.

  • Training is carried out by experienced trainers and documented by real course videos.

  • Other training courses on specific subjects are regularly offered to teachers

  • Fill out the form below and receive an invitation for a free presentation.

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