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Prerequisites for the Improvisation course

Before starting the "Improvisation" course, it is preferable that the student has a little musical experience on the keyboard:

  • To be able to locate themselves on the keyboard: to know the names of the notes and where they are on the keyboard.

  • To be able to play simple four- and three-beat pieces hands together. See modules 5 and 6 of the Initiation course.

  • To experience playing three-note chords.

  • To understand the basic principles of the score: the staff, the keys, recognition of certain notes in treble clef and F, to recognise certain note values.

The teacher can adapt the objectives and the duration of each stage of the teaching process according to the level of experience of the student.

For example, concentrating on teaching the A parts and devoting more time to learning the basic version before moving on to the creative activities.

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