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Playing the Piano

Junior Jazz

Junior Jazz is an initiation to jazz piano through the learning of progressive studies similar to essential Jazz standards.

Each piece is presented in three different forms:



  • Interpreting a piano score with both hands, developing technical and theoretical skills, accumulating experience and vocabulary.

  • The student has access to the score and an audio recording of each piece.


ensemble STUDY

  • Study a version with the chords in the left hand in the style of the Jazz trio piano and/or study bass lines with the left hand while playing either chords or melody with the right hand.

  • Here, the student develops reflexes for making 4-note chords in two positions.

  • In addition to the scores, the student has model audio recordings and orchestral accompaniments to play along with.


  • By referring to the score and video instructions, the student can carry out activities using the chord chart of each piece.

  • Here, the student develops improvisational reflexes by using the major, minor and blues scales.

  • The student has a score with the chord names, chord numbers, key signature and corresponding blues scale.

  • It also has an orchestral audio accompaniment which makes practising fun but also supplies structure.

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