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Express yourself by singing the notes

Download a compressed file of the Scores in PDF format of the 9 modules (27 songs)

Express yourself by singing the notes

  • Download in PDF format the scores of "expressing oneself by singing the notes", complementary activity of "expressing oneself on the keyboard" of cycle 1.

    By singing the name of the notes of various small themes musically, the musical language and the ear develop considerably.

    The pupils memorize by imitating the teacher.

    The material consists of 27 progressive pieces following the program of "expressing yourself on the keyboard" in terms of tones.

    The pieces are presented in the form of piano scores on two staves.

    The teacher plays the piano part and we sing the upper voice.

    Learning can be done by repeating fragments or phrases until memorizing the complete piece.

    The teacher can teach accuracy, phrasing and breathing, including articulations and nuances.

    The titles of the pieces inspire images that can be associated with expressive elements.

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